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A computer environment where robot parameters can be tested without the need for a physical robot.

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Software to simulate mechanics of production line

Is there any software where I can simulate production line elements (joints, motors, springs, actuators, movement)? For example I want to simulate mechanism to unwind paper from big roll to weld it ...
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Manipulator link applied torque

I want to implement a manipulator link using a physic library. I can only apply some torque to the centre of mass, but the torque should be applied at the beginning of the link. Shifting a reference ...
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world files for simulating roads and tracks

Hello I wanted to simulate a busy urban road,similar to Darpa Urban Challenge for an autonomous self-driving-car. I'm in search of simulators for that. I've seen gazebo since its integration with ROS ...
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Using robotic simulator for prediction step in probabilistic localization approaches

Probabilistic localization approaches like Kalman or Monte Carlo benefit from an accurate prediction step. The more accurate the prediction step, the more accurate is the belief of the robots pose. In ...
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An architecture for testing autonomous flight and sensors

I'm designing a simple autopilot software on top of Ardupilot, my goal is to possibly interface an Raspi on top of ArduPilot Mega (APM). I am stuck on setting up a simulation environment using either ...
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Using Armatures in Morse Robotic Simulator

I'm trying to add my own robot in Morse 1.1 (using Ubuntu 12.04). I am struggling to add an armature actuator and armature pose sensor to an existing robot. Can someone please explain how this can be ...
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Installing MORSE simulator on Ubuntu 12.04

I've been having trouble installing MORSE. I am trying to install it on Ubuntu 12.04 and on a VirtualBox with Ubuntu 13.04 (I don't need it on a VirtualBox, I'm just trying to make something work). ...
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Blender a good robotic simulator for quadcopters / swarm simulations?

I'm interested in simulating Quadcopter control and Swarm co-ordinations. Was wondering if Blender or specifically MORSE was going to be good enough? According to the limitations of MORSE, it states: ...
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quadcopter parameters calculations for simulink model

I want to make a mathematical model of quadcopter in simulink. I have studied quadcopter, although I am new and not build any flying robot before. I studied so far that I have to use four brushless DC ...
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How can I simulate a changing environment with non-rigid objects?

Many robot applications (actually - the most practical and appealing ones) include the robot's reaction to (and impact on) the evironment, e.g. due to stochastic nature of the environment (e.g. when ...
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Resetting position of e-puck in Webots using Supervisor node - problem with getting a handle to the robot

I am writing a method (Java) that will reset the position of e-puck in Webots. I have been following tutorial on Supervisor approach. I have two controllers in my project: SupervisorController ...
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Simulated kinect rotation around X [gazebo bug?]

I asked this question on and but still haven't got any answer. I'm posting my question here with the hope someone can help me. In our robot, the Kinect can be mounted ...
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Measuring speed of movement in Webots

I have been experimenting with different fitness functions for my Webots robot simulation (in short: I'm using genetic algorithm to evolve interesting behaviour). The idea I have now is to reward/...
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How do I simulate an assembly line?

I need to simulate a stream of vehicles, such as on an assembly line. Automatons are performing operations on the vehicles when they come within reach. The automatons do not keep track of the ...
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Quadruped Learning Simulator

I'm currently building a robot with four legs (quadruped), 3 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) and Its been suggested here that I use a simulator to do the learning on a computer and then upload the algorithms ...
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Standalone (or capable of being) Robotics Simulator

I'm a software engineer who volunteers with a non-profit that introduces young girls to technology. We have recently been talking about methods of introducing these children to the world of robotics, ...
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