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Questions tagged [simulator]

A computer environment where robot parameters can be tested without the need for a physical robot.

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VREP - Attaching Baxter manipulators

Trying to add manipulators to the VREP Baxter robot, I can add the gripper easily enough by adding the manipulator object in a scene to the appropriate arm tip and setting its position and rotation to ...
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Integrating Instantaneous Accelerations taken at discrete time intervals

I am trying to integrate instantaneous linear and angular acceleration taken at discrete time intervals (1/100 seconds, 100hz). data is collected beforehand, and integration is done offline, I only ...
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Gazebo or SimMechanics

I'm now considering to choose Gazebo or SimMechanics for simulating my quadruped robot. I set some standards for the simulation: Support Real-time application with ROS Simulate contact impact well(...
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Recommendation for 3D mechanism modeling and simulation software

I'm working on a robotic hand and I would like to simulate different joints and tendon insertion points before starting to actually build it. I've been googling and found things like Solidworks and ...
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I exported my ROV model from SolidWorks to Simscape. Now I have my model in Simscape, but I don't know what else I can do

I added a transform sensor so that I can see the gravity influencing my body, however I want my ROV to move in the simulation in the 3 axes: x, y and z. I heard that I need to create an environment ...
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Simulating Adhesive Robotics Interactions

I'm currently working on a project where I need to simulate robotic interactions (using ROS/ROS2) with adhesive or sticky materials. (The goal is to peel a sticker using a robot arm) I'm a bit ...
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How to save world in Gazebo and go back to that world when I hit reset simulation?

I'm a beginner with Gazebo and just installed Gazebo Garden (v7.5.0) on my Ubuntu 22.04 laptop. I can open a new world, add some shapes/entities to it and save the world to ...
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Why is Webots running so slow on my computer?

The provided sample simulations are running very slowly in Webots. How can I improve this? I am using Webots R2022b on Ubuntu 22.04.
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How would you sync a real life accelerometer with an accelerometer in a simulation program

How would you sync a real life accelerometer with an accelerometer in a simulation program. In this case I am using MuJoCo for simulation and a Gy-521 is my physical, real life accelerometer.
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In MuJoCo why do some XML files have objects fall to the ground while others are just fixed above the ground?

Why do some models, or objects in a MuJoCo XML script fall to the floor while others don't? In the models files that come with the MuJoCo zip, the robot arm (arm26) does not fall to the ground while ...
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Using Blob detection in V-Rep

I was trying to reproduce this youtube tutorial in V-rep and I came across some problems concerning blob detection. There are some complaints on this matter under the video. I don't believe that blob ...
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