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A servomotor is a closed-loop servomechanism, typically used in industrial applications. It usually consists of a motor coupled to a sensor (e.g. encoder) for precision position feedback, typically using a low ratio gearbox or direct drive.

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Floppy fish mechanism design

I've bought a floppy fish toy (crab version) for my kid. The toy looks like: Unfortunately, the toy mechanism inside jams when grabbed and the battery lasts for a short time: I tried to do my own ...
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How to calculate operating torque and holding torque of a slew drive for a manipulator arm?

Hope you are doing good and enjoying your weekend. I have a question regarding calculation of torque and tilting moment for a slew drive. Slew drive (motorised) will be used at the base of a ...
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Smart Servo Motor Type Comparison

I have been using the standard MG90/SG90 servo motors for years now and am familiar with them. Recently, I am trying to build a robot dog with them with no success. The motors keep on vibrating and ...
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Controlling high torque servo motors with Raspberry Pi

I need to control 10 Standard Servo Motors (operating at 4.8-7V/300mA-1A/2.5kg-5kg torque) in my project. I'm using RPi as my processor and I was looking for a servo driver. I came across PCA9685 16-...
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How do I choose the stepper motor torque for my robotic arm

I'm a communication engineer so my knowledge about robotics is very little. I know the basic formula of torque T=mgL in my project I have 2 arms & 2 motors i used a torque calculator online ...
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Advice on mounting a servo for a nerf sentry gun

I am trying to make a nerf sentry gun to shoot my co workers. I am building it more or less from scratch and have come to the part where I need to come up with plans to assemble it. I am looking for ...
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Dynamixel Motor - Clarifying on the use of Position Read

Clarification: I would like to clarify whether it is ok to use "position read" on the motor position while in velocity mode. Context: So I am using the XC330-T288-T motor and basically ...
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High speed, high precision motors for a Spherical Parallel Manipulator

As the title says, I am looking for motors suitable for my Spherical Parallel Manipulator. The Spherical Parallel Manipulator will have a camera (likely a DLSR) mounted to it. The motors need to be ...
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MG995 not working under 3A and 6.96V

I'm trying to work with this type of servomotors, I've been having a hard time trying to supply the required current to it, these are the things that I've tried: First, I tried creating my own power ...
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Powering 3 MG996R servos

I'm building a robotic arm with 3 MG996R servos using Arduino Uno R3 board. I'm using this 16 channel servo motor driver for the project. I'd like to use an AC-DC adapter to power the servos. Is that ...
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What type of motor (size, type, approx cost) would be best to use to open a bedroom window

I noticed a tag showed up that indicates a servomotor. This looks like what I want. My new question is what size of a servomotor do I need to move a window that is approx 3 feet by 2 ft 8 inches....
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Power pack and servo driver for robotic arm?

I have a robotic arm that uses about eight 7.4 volt volt high torque servos. ( I need to know what Kind of battery system I can use to power ...
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What should be the required operating voltage for Servo motors in my 5 DOF robotic arm, with 50 kg payload

These are the estimated torque values of all axis in our applications 1st Axis- 226.57 oz-in - 478oz-in 2nd Axis- 756 oz-in -1590oz-in 3rd Axis- 356 oz-in - 749.7 oz-in 4th Axis- 188 oz-in - 395 oz-...
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Serial command receiving failure with Arduino and Adafruit shield from C# desktop application

For a long time I use Arduino Uno controller and Adafruit Servo Shield with 6.3V 1000 uF capacitor, powered with 6V 8Amp adapter to control 8 digital servo motors ...
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Relation between PWM frequency and torque

I am using Pololu G2 18v15 to drive a maxon motor. The motor is supposed to drive a load in a sinusoidal trajectory against gravity with maximum torque of 0.0634 NM with max speed of 5 rpm. I am using ...
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Fetching encoder value with SimpleMotion library by Granite Devices

Is it possible to fetch the current encoder position of a drive with the old SimpleMotion library (not V2) and a Granite Devices VSD-E through the smRawCommand(...) ...
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(Dynamixel) Inverse rotation direction

I'm wondering if there's a feature to "flip" the rotation direction with Dynamixel (I'm using MX-106). For example, if I give +1.57 to the motor, then it interprets it as ...
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are mg996r servo failures common?

I am new to the small servo area. I bought a eBay 6DOF Robotic Arm, and 12 mg996r servos to go with it. Using an arduino and I2C PCA9685 16 X PWM board, with the example code from adafruit, I set up ...
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Motor controller for two Hitec D845WP servos

I am undertaking a project using two Hitec D845WP servos running at 8.4 V. Hitec's website lists idle current of 30 mA, no load operating of 1600 mA, stall current of 10 A and ...
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3 arm robotic claw

I am attempting to design a 3 prong robotic claw for a robotic arm I am working on. I am planning to use sg90 servo motors, but I can't get my current design to work. My current layout is to use one ...
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