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Questions tagged [screw-theory]

A method of representing the mechanics (kinematics and dynamics) of a system using 6-element vectors (such as a twist or a wrench) which combine both the angular and linear components.

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Robotic manipulator Jacobian by product of exponentials

I've taken a class and started a thesis on robotics and my reference for calculating the Jacobian by product of exponentials seems incorrect, see:
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Adding an Actuator or Force to a (Featherstone) Articulated Rigid Body Model

I'm working on a project where I need to model a system that is essentially comprised of a series of ball-and-socket joints attached to a base, which is attached in turn to a prismatic joint (rail). ...
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Stationary/inertial reference frame

In Modern Robotics by Kevin Lynch, there is a term "stationary" frame, but this is never defined. Googling shows that this is synonymous with inertial frame. Apparently inertial frame means ...
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How to find the body jacobain, for each link in a robot manipulator?

The links twist could be obtained, and thus The spatial manipulator Jacobian could be done, but when it comes to the body Jacobian, it is becomes difficult. Moreover, the adjoint transformation ...
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