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RS-232 is the electrical standard used on most serial ports.

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Faulty GPS data on Serial Monitor

I am trying to interface Stonex S900A GPS with nVidia TX2 which has ROS melodic installed. The GPS data cable is a DB9 type (RS232). I connected a DB9 to USB converter with the cable and connected it ...
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SCARA Robot sending strange ASCII Characters

I am trying to send commands via a Serial COM Port (RS 232) to a TMB200 SCARA Robot's controller and when I connect it to my laptop and open hyperterminal the following random characters start showing ...
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How to convert this arduino code snippet to AVR GCC?

I recently engaged with a university robotics project (based on ROS) and my main processing controller is Raspberry Pi and the system stability controller is Atmega 32 microcontroller (It is ...
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Communicating with syringe pump using PySerial

Let's first start of by explaining that I do not have a decent background in electronics and interfacing with them, so maybe this is a stupid question. I am currently trying to connect an old Harvard ...
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USB instead of RS232

RS232 is not popular as it used to be and is mainly replaced by USB [wikipedia]. Problems such as mentioned in this question doesn't help its reputation either. In a new system design therefore, one ...
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Processor and command interface preference for a robot arm

I want to build a robot arm that'll be approximately 1.25 meter long and will be able to lift up to 2 kilograms. It'll have 6 dof and it is an expensive project. And most importantly, i am the only ...
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How to calculate serial speed and buffer requirements for PC to microcontroller communications?

A common scenario is to have a PC that sends commands to a microcontroller via RS232. My PC program is sending commands (each of which are composed of multiple bytes) as fast as it can to a small ...
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