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Network setup for a mobile robot base [closed]

I am working on a mobile robot base that is supposed to be controlled from a stationary control station. The robot itself has multiple processors onboard, which are on an internal Ethernet network. ...
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1 answer

Spiral path generation to cover a 2D area

In my project, a robotic arm with an end effector of radius R needs to cover a 2D area in an optimal route (least time, smooth path). I am trying to achieve that by generating spiral covering routes. ...
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1 answer

router tilting mechanism

I am trying to design a very rigid tilting mechanism for my router. For this purpose I had a look at table saws, which seem to be supported by 2 mechanisms, one in front, one at the back, called "...
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Testbed for testing navigation algorithms

I'm looking for a testbed (simulator or web-based interface that lets me to have control on a robot) for testing different routing and navigation algorithms. Is there such a system on the web?
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4 votes
1 answer

Maze Solving Algorithm For Mazes With Loops

I am trying to implement a line following robot that can solve mazes similar to the Pololu robots you can watch on youtube. My problem is the maze that I am trying to solve is looped and therefore ...
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8 votes
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Cable routing in theta, x, y motion control system. Better inside or outside?

I'm building a motion control platform with 3 DoF: 1 axis of rotation (theta) and 2 cartesian (x,y). In most applications, like wrist actuation, you have an X-Y stage with a rotating servo as the ...
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