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ros1_bridge build error in windows

I'm trying to build ros1_bridge package in windows 11 My step is 1.Create folder name ros1_bridge_ws/src 2.Download from foxy ...
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Building ROS bridge because of own ROS 1 msgs

I want to build the ROS1 bridge by myself and I've read the documentation. But for the most important part I didn't find anything on the documentation, it only mentioned that you should define your ...
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ros1_bridge pairs all topics but no data flows in some

I am working on the ridgeback robot of clearpath. I want to use some ros2 nodes so I have make a docker container running ros1_bridge (image ros:foxy-ros1-bridge). When I use current configuration ...
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Communication Between Docker Containers Running Different Versions of ROS

I have two Docker containers, each running ROS 1 and ROS 2. I need both to be able to read and publish topics from each other, and maybe even from the host. I know it's possible to use ...
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ROS Bridge docker broadcast topics outside of localhost

I am using the ros_bridge repository in a Docker container. Everything works on my local computer (computer #1) but once I want the published topics to be read over ...
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Ros Bridge Publishing cmd_vel from move_base

I am working on a project which requires slam and autonomous navigation. When in Noetic I have created a map and will use move base because the lidar has plenty of drivers for ROS and not ROS2 so I’m ...
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Miniter runs, but the robot's motor does not work

I'm using ros2 humble I tried to use the motor using Arduino, l298n, encoder motor using the miniterm, I received an answer from the miniter that if I check the status, it will be okay (example o 255 ...
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Video streaming over Rosbridge

I'm researching what is the best way to stream video using a video camera, over Rosbridge, to a browser. What are the options out there?
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Trouble with running ros1_bridge with external robot using Docker

Show activity on this post. for a project, I have a robot that is running Ubuntu 18.04 with ROS1 Melodic and a desktop that is running Ubuntu 22.04 with ROS2 Humble. In order to use the ROS1 bridge I ...
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Mapping fields of a message in ros1_bridge

I am trying to bridge ROS1 and ROS2. I have msgs pkgs in ROS1 and ROS2. All the workspaces are sourced. A message definition from my custom defined msgs package has a nested message declaration from ...
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OSError with rosbridge_server on ROS2 Foxy Windows 10

I have installed ROS 2 Foxy on Windows 10 using this guide. I am attempting to connect to Foxglove Studio over rosbridge. To do this I built the rosbridge_server ...
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Octomap messages in rosbridge_1 to 2

I am using Ros 2 but want to map the environment with Octomap. I use the rosbridge between Ros 2 (rolling) and Ros melodic. However, octomap_msgs/Octomap is not a ...
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Retrieving data from Windows environment with Rosbridge

By activating Rosbridge from the Ubuntu environment, I can send target location information to the robot via Windows. Is it possible to receive the sent command information from the Ubuntu environment ...
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Data Type conversion with rosbridge

I tried to use ros1_bridge with custom message types. I had one specific value that was an int32 in ROS1 but a string in ROS2 (...
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Rosbridge in C++

Hi everyone, I'm having a project to build a user interface with ROS in C++. I found that rosbridge is a useful tool but the rosbridge client only support java script, java and python. Is there any ...
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