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Which ROS2 Distro? Iron or Humble?

I have some experience on ROS and now planning to switch to ROS2. Just installed a fresh Ubuntu 22.04. Which ROS2 distro should I use? Iron or Humble? I am assuming Humble has more stable packages and ...
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Installing Joint State publisher, its GUI and URDF tutorial

I have been learning how to use ROS2 from the webpage's tutorials. I am currently using Windows 10 and Iron Irwini. I have been able to go through quite a number of them and I just got to the URDF ...
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Trouble with cmake while migrating noether to ROS 2

I'm currently trying to migrate noether package to ROS 2 and having lots of trouble getting it to build. I'm also having issues that the package is heavily integrated with ROS 1 packages, specifically ...
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How to stop the subscription to "/parameter_events" that is automatically created in each node

I have been able to stop the publisher to the topic (/parameter_events) by setting start_parameter_event_publisher in ...
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`ros2 topic list` from humble throws std::bad_alloc if iron runs on the same network

We experienced that humble ROS executables crash if there are any iron nodes running in the same network. This can be reproduced with running ros2 topic list ...
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