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Humble Hawksbill is a distribution of Robot Operating System (ROS). Use this tag when your question relates specifically to Humble Hawksbill. Always use this tag alongside the [ros2] tag.

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How can I disable all logging to files under ~/.ros but still log to stderr?

I read but that didn't really explain how one would go about it. Is it even possible? I am on Ubuntu 22.04 and I'm on a source ...
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Building ROS2 Humble on macOS Fails Due to Old pybind11

I’ve been trying to build Humble for macOS 13.5.2 (on M1). With the help of Discord, I’ve gotten further along, but now I’ve run into an issue I’m not sure how to solve. When building ...
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Lidar scan not matching with obstacles when using AMCL in Nav2, specially when the robot is rotating

I am taking ground-truth odom and lidar scan messages from gazebo garden and using custom nodes to change the time stamps to ros2 time. I verified that messages are correct in both systems. When ...
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Spawning an Sdf Model in ROS humble

I have created an Object using Blender and was able to add the Add to the Path File in Ros Humble Gazebo it worked, how to open the same SDF file using Python Launch file.
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