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The Roomba is a consumer-grade autonomous vacuuming robot sold by iRobot.

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Charging station flashing green. Not charging

Charging station is flashing green. Roomba’s makes clicking sounds with error message. Have another charging station and the Roomba's charges there fine. I also move another Roomba ( have a total of 3)...
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Roomba S9 - no data over serial connection

Unlike other Roomba models, for the s9 there is little to no information available for setting up and using a serial connection to a Windows PC. I've managed to get to the point where Putty serial can ...
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Roomba stops responding to commands on the OI

So I just received my roomba create 2. I have managed to read and send commands to the roomba using the OI and an Arduino. I also got it to move using the USB cable provided by iRobot and the tethered ...
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Can't get iRobot Create to respond

We have an iRobot Create connected to a Win 10 PC with the cable supplied with the unit. We have followed the instructions here:
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