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Questions tagged [robotics-toolbox]

The Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB is open-source software developed by Peter Corke. It is distinct from the Robotic System Toolbox (tag: robotics-system-toolbox) which is developed and maintained by the MathWorks.

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1 answer

TV Umpire replaced by Robot (machine) Is it possible using Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning technologies to replace the TV umpire - Human by a Robot (machine)? i.e. The Robot ...
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2 answers

High derivative gain in PD control

Why does high derivative gain in PD control results in motor noise or chatter? The graph that I see on MATLAB simulation is smooth enough, so following that it should not make noise..
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Resolved Motion Rate Control, Rotational Part

I'm controlling 6 DOF robot arm based on image processing. Robot arm will grab the object. Below what my system looks I can control the translational part of robot very well. But i cant control the ...
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