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The Robotic System Toolbox is developed and maintained by the MathWorks and is a paid product. It is distinct from The Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB (tag: robotics-toolbox) which is open-source software developed by Peter Corke.

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How useful is DRAKE toolbox

How useful would it be to learn and interact with DRAKE toolbox that is open source? Are there better toolboxes out there when compared with the DRAKE toolbox? I am a student interested in robotics ...
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Baxter and Robotics System Toolbox

I am trying to setup a two way communication with the Baxter Robot using the Robotics System Toolbox from MATLAB. However, I am unable to move the arms or record a trajectory using the rosactionclient ...
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About official robotics system toolbox Matlab and Peter Corke Robotics toolbox matlab

I came to know that matlab released robotics system toolbox in 2016 version but I'm using Matlab 2014b. At that time I installed Peter Corke Robotics toolbox matlab and start working on it. I develop ...
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