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Robotic Arm Design [closed]

I am designing a 5DOF robotic arm that will be mounted on rover. I wanted to the design to be lightweight yet strong because it needs to carry a payload of about 5kg. There are 2 links of ...
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Suggestions for My Interactive Visualization Web Tool for Robotic Learning

I am a Digital IC designer in Taiwan. Recently, I started studying Robotics by myself, but I've been frustrated by the math involved, including Euler angles, Quaternions, and DH models. They were just ...
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MAVROS vs DDS/ROS Bridge: Updates?

We are trying to provide an external control to the system. We can't use ArduPilot omni controls for navigation in autonomous because it does not allow our boat to move sideways. We needed another ...
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DOF computation

I am new to self-learning robotics and while browsing I found quanser hexapod that has 6 degrees of freedom ( I used the Grubler's formula in Lynch & ...
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navigation on rugged terrain

I use ROS2/Python/Gazebo. I need navigation (and mapping) for a tractor on a hill: a rugged surface, so to speak. I can of course project everything on a flat map, but distances will shrink and I ...
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