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Unable to use rmw_cyclonedds_cpp with ROS2 Humble under Windows

I'm using ROS2 Humble, installed from binaries. Experiencing some performance issues, I want to try different middleware implementation. So I simply do: ...
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Is it possible to use the Zenoh Rust Api on embedded rust?

Since Zenoh will be a tier-1 RMW for ROS, I was thinking, "why not use Zenoh's rust API for microcontrollers ? " As embedded rust is a thing and is widely used. I am aware of Zenoh Pico (C ...
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How to get select ROS2 network interface with xml working

I applied this solution for selecting specific networks interfaces for ros2 to use, but when specified, it still seems to end up using other interfaces. Setup I have two devices. Network settings ...
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Guidance with DDS Setup

I recently stumbles upon this discussion on ROS Discourse. From my understanding of the discussion and of the report, setting up the DDS protocol to work over wi-fi networks requires a bit of ...
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Behavior of 'reliable' publisher in case of unreachable subscriber

Consider a ROS 2 publisher with QoS 'reliable' and a few subscribers. Suddenly one of the subscribers can no longer be reached (e.g. it is running on a different system and the network cable is pulled ...
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How would I write my own RMW implementation?

How does a ROS MiddleWare (RMW) implementation work? I cannot find any information on the inner workings of this, only how to use them. How are interfaces implemented in C? In C++, this could have ...
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