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Is Fuzzy logic applicable for robotics research

I found some papers that use fuzzy logic to solve robotics algorithmic problems. But I have recently been told by a few roboticists that fuzzy logic should not be used in robotics because it has ...
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Mathematical prerequisites for beginning graduate student in robotics

A beginning graduate student in robotics asked me the areas of mathematics that he should brush up on (prerequisites) to begin a masters research program in robotics. What are some good materials/...
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What was the earliest concept of a robot?

I'm a highschool student studying electronics and for an assessment task on the history of electronics I have decided to focus on the history of robotics. I want to begin with the earliest possible ...
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When should FPGAs be used in Robotics?

FPGA has good points such as a lot of IO points but then again you need to think things on very low level with flip-flops and pioneer on areas where things are not yet mature -- for example see this ...
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Do "toy" robots move technology forwards?

Over the last month, I saw many robots that don't have any real purpose, which made me ask myself: "Does this have any value?" I saw dancing robot on CES, advanced lego based robots and also robots ...
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How can I create a robot like the EZ-B using a regular Arduino?

I am interested in building a robot like the EZ-B, sold by It comes with an SDK for Visual Studio and has direct scripting in runtime through a USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IRC or HTTPS ...
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Role of Neuromorphic Computing and Quantum Computing in the field of Robotics and AI

I asked a similar kind of question some time ago (Neuromorphic Engineering and Robotics) Since then, many things have come to the point of revelation. A road-map for neuromorphic computing was ...
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Is it possible to simulate vision (perception) in Gazebo (or other simulators)

Vision is important part of robotics and frequently it is unavoidable component of control loop. E.g. many clothes/garment handling algorithms rely on visual cues in deciding how to proceed. The ...
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Neuromorphic Engineering and Robotics

I have been into a boggling paper research on neuromorphic engineering and its implications on robotics applications, lately. It is relatively a less applied field and full of academic papers and ...
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Dynamic programming algorithm aka Bellman equation in Robotics?

The dynamic programming algorithm refers to the Bellman equation. An open-loop control decides movement at the initial point while a closed-loop control decides control during the movement. Now most ...
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