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How to compute quaternion or Roll Pitch Yaw from a directional vector?

I am trying to get a sensor attached to the end of a robot arm to point at a specific Point of Interest. I know the XYZ position of both the POI and the target pose of the sensor, and I am able to ...
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Customize SLERP used in MoveIt motion planning

I am currently working on a project utilizing ROS Noetic and MoveIt for robotic arm path planning. I have a robot arm that has to pick up items from between shelves on its left and right side. However,...
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joints gimble lock issue

I am trying to create a mecanum wheels by attaching each pinion as a joint to a wheel in URDF. For this, I have rotated the pinion 90 degree(pitch) and 45 degree(yaw). When i am doing these rotations ...
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How to get the world coordinates with position and orientation in ROS 2 Humble

I am using ROS 2 Humble. A person is supposed to take a photo of an AR marker with a camera. Inside the system, we can obtain the relative coordinates, position (x, y, z), and rotation, orientation (x,...
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ROS custom msg to be used in an ESP32 microcontroller using Platformio

I'm trying to publish an array of quaternions to a single topic on ROS noetic. For that I created a new message type following the tutorial: ...
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Does the Factored Quaternion Algorithm Account for Declination?

Looking at the documentation for the Factored Quaternion Algorithm (FQA). In section 2 they define NED as the traditional Earth's fixed coordinate system, thereby referring to 'true' north. However, ...
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How to convert accel data to quaternion?

To ask my question better, let's assume that I have created 2 different accel data: timestamp accel_x (m/s^2) accel_y (m/s^2) accel_z (m/s^2) 1 0.0009314967509892153 0.004056761742037966 -9....
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Get vector representation of x, y, z axis from geometry_msgs Pose

Hi, I have a geometry_msgs/Pose message that contains a certain position and orientation. I want to get the equation of the x axis of that position and orientation. What ROS library function can I use ...
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