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Pulse-width modulation (PWM) is varying the duty cycle of a rectangle wave, usually with a constant frequency.

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how to normalize PWM if the value exceeds the maximum speed limit

I have implemented inverse kinematics for nonholonomic mobile wheeled robots, and the RPM range of the motor that I used is -50 to 50, while for PWM is from 1300 to 1700. But in certain cases, the RPM ...
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Arduino Uno can only produce certain PWM duty cycles

I'm using the servo library on an Arduino Uno R4 to control a servo. However, when I use Servo.microSeconds(), the duty cycle only changes with every 100th ...
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pinMode PWM: Unable to do this when using /dev/gpiomem. Try sudo?

I have been scouring the web for a few hours now and I cannot seem to fix the problem. I am using RPi 4B 8GB RAM with Ubuntu 22.04 server. When trying to run C++ code with wiringPi to activate PWM I ...
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How to: implementation problem with Position control on a 3 Wheels robot (2 motorized) with velocity profile of trapezoid

I'm trying to apply position control in a wheeled robot, controlled by an arduino mega. The robot has two wheels powered by two dc motors (1 motor for each wheel) and one castor wheel. In order to ...
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Motor driver PWM frequency

What can happen to the motor driver if I give input PWM frequency more than the rated(capacity)? I'm using Maxon motor with specifications: Operating on 24V Speed: 600 RPM Nominal Torque: 21 Kg-cm
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Serial command receiving failure with Arduino and Adafruit shield from C# desktop application

For a long time I use Arduino Uno controller and Adafruit Servo Shield with 6.3V 1000 uF capacitor, powered with 6V 8Amp adapter to control 8 digital servo motors ...
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Relation between PWM frequency and torque

I am using Pololu G2 18v15 to drive a maxon motor. The motor is supposed to drive a load in a sinusoidal trajectory against gravity with maximum torque of 0.0634 NM with max speed of 5 rpm. I am using ...
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are mg996r servo failures common?

I am new to the small servo area. I bought a eBay 6DOF Robotic Arm, and 12 mg996r servos to go with it. Using an arduino and I2C PCA9685 16 X PWM board, with the example code from adafruit, I set up ...
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H bridge duty cycle vs maximum voltage

I've just burnt out an L298n H bridge, not surprising, but I thought it'd be ok for low load testing. Apparently not. I'm considering ordering these to replace them - Hilitand DC 5-12V Motor ...
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