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EKF SLAM : Missing older landmarks in new observation

I am a beginner to SLAM and robotics in general and I have been trying to implement SLAM on my GoPiGo3 robot car kit using primarily Chapter 10 from Probabilistic Robotics by Sebastian Thrun as ...
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Particle Filter for IMU tilt angle and bias estimation from Kalman Filter models

I understand the functioning of Particle Filters from the book Probabilistic Robotics and the robotics course provided by Cyrill Stachniss. I want to implement, from scratch, a particle filter to ...
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Lost on SEIF Slam repeated update landmark

I am working on Sparse Extended Information Slam. I take the reference from Probabilistic Robotics, by Dr.Sebastian Thrun (Chapter 12,page 303). I have some doubt about the implementation of the ...
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Sampling in non-parametric distribtution

I am currently working on a package in C++ to easily implement different Statistical Filters, and after implementing various versions of the Kalman Filter I decided to start working on the Particle ...
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Probabilistic Velocity Obstacles

I have been working with the Velocity Obstacles concept. Recently, I came across a probabilistic extension of this and couldn't understand the inner workings. Source: Recursive Probabilistic ...
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How can I derive a metric comparing two 2D laser scans quantitatively, WITHOUT using any scan matching techniques?

TLDR version: I have two laser scans taken at the same pose that align nearly completely (see image). I want to come up with a metric that can quantify how well one did as opposed to the other. Longer ...
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Sampling from guassian distribution for odometry based motion?

I am trying to generate an odometry based motion model as described in the lectures. I have implemented a C++ version of the code. The issue I am having is that when I try to simulate successive ...
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