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Questions tagged [power]

In physics, power is the rate of doing work.

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McKibben artificial muscles and the 400:1 ratio

I was recently reading that those artificial muscles had the highest power/weight ratio while electric motors only have a ratio of less than 100:1. As electrical engineer I have never worked with ...
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Hexapod Project Specifications - Power and Servos

So I will get straight to the point. I wanted to get ambitious with my robot project while trying to keep the budget minimum. I have browsed through several posts regarding power sources and servos, ...
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PixHawk I/II not working in 'Rover' mode (firmware issue?).... HELP!

We are working in a new agricultural rover, and we opted for PixHaw-II+ROS+MavLink platform as a good control alternative. However, our project is stuck as the PixHawk seems to work only when it is ...
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increase current draw from serial port of icreate 2

This is from the icreate 2's document: "Pins 1 and 2 (Vpwr) are connected to the Roomba battery through a 200 mA PTC resettable fuse. The continuous draw from these two pins together should not exceed ...
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Switching scheme for vector controlled pmac drive

I have 28 pmac motors (3-ph, 230 volt of 0.5 kw, 1.05kw an 1.21kw) in motor control center. Please suggest a time staggered switching scheme in order to avoid tripping due to voltage sag, swell , ...
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What are some generally accepted lift capacity guidelines for multirotors?

e.g. what general multicopter configurations would be generally accepted as recommendations to lift 0.5kg, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, etc. Is there any general correlation between number of motors on a similar ...
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How do i decide what batteries i need for my robot?

I am trying to design a quadrupod(hexapod without the middle legs) and I need to decide an appropriate battery source. Currently I have 8 Mg996r's and 4 SG90's. What i did to measure the battery ...
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Building a wired remote control car using a raspi and drone motors

I have a small raspi controlled remote control car using regular drone motors such as these ones and tried using this 60w power supply unit that can be downregulated to 3v and connected everything ...
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