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How to model the Cable composites in Mujoco Physics Simulation engine

How to name the cable composite in mujoco, also how to add equality constraint to the end of the cable with another body ?
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Documentation on Gazebo Trivial Physics Engine

A few years ago, Trivial Physics Engine (TPE) was announced for Gazebo Sim. I don't seem to find any documentation though. Would anyone know of a project that uses this? Drone swarm simulation maybe? ...
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How do I make a robot imported using urdf and ROS2 gravity? It just floats

I can't seem to find any examples with imported URDFs (the universal robot examples don't seem to have any physics settings beyond joint inertias etc). My robot has mass from the urdf: But it seems ...
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"modern contact dynamics" - Why are spring-damper contact models not being used anymore for dynamic simulations in robotics?

While researching different physics engines for dynamic simulations in robotics I found the following statement on the MoJoCo documentation website: Physics engines have traditionally separated in ...
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