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Inferring joint orientation on multi-joint arm

Not a robotics question in the strictest sense, I guess, but related closely enough, I hope: I have an arm-like articulated two(-plus-one)-joint appliance that I want to use as a 3D input device. It ...
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How can i consider orientation of 6dof manipulator for inverse kinematic?

i been trying to code IK solver for few days, and i finally move the robot to the desired position. However im having hard time to orient the end-effector as i want it. I read the "Robotics ...
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Undo pitching effect of camera when pose (y-axis) is near 90 degrees?

I am using KITTI odometry dataset whereby the camera's axis is pointing X (east), Y (down) and Z (north). It also contain the frame to frame poses of the camera (first pose is fixed as the map frame). ...
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How unique are Quarternions and what about the sign?

I want to track a robot's orientation in space and wanted to choose quaternions for their many advantages. However I have a few questions that I haven't found to be solved anywhere. The method I use ...
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how to adjust mobile robot orientation If an obstacle is detected within the minimum safety distance?

I do have calculated a trajectory for holonomic and omnidirectional mobile robot and make the robot follow the pre-defined trajectory making use of the resolved-velocity control. However, in some ...
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Looking for benchmarks on Apriltag pose estimation

we want to know if we can use Apriltags in our project for pose estimation in rather long distances and on moving target. Specifically, correcting errors of an IMU device on an autonomous vehicle. I ...
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Why does AHRS system with Madgwick filter has so big drift?

I have an MPU9250 on my PCB and I use an AHRS system with a Madgwick filter to get yaw angle. I want to get very accurate and non-drifting yaw angle, but, for unknown reasons, I can't. I calibrated ...
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Does GY-271 (HMC5583L) or any 3-axis magnetometer suitable to detect orientation?

Based on the datasheet, HMC5583L has 160Hz output rate and produce three axis direction angle data, X, Y, and Z. It can measure diversion from Earth magnet field with 1° to 2° accuracy. Does that ...
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Determining Orientation of a Robot Relative to a Line on Table

I am currently busy with a robot that needs to obtain it's orientation relative to a line seen by a camera. At the moment, I am using Hough lines to obtain a gradient for the line, but the gradient ...
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Yaw, Pitch, Roll rate concepts and how to calculate them with an IMU

I need help understanding the difference from Y/P/R rate and the data that I can get from a gyroscope. I am using the raw readings of my IMU (MPU9250) and the Madwick Filter to calculate a quaternion ...
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How to get RPY(Roll, Pitch, Yaw) from directional cosines from a single vector?

I'm trying to find the pose of an 3D vector in terms of RPY. Let's say the two end points of the vector is P0(x0, y0, z0) and P1(x1, y1, z1). So the centered vector I get is V(Vx, Vy, Vz) = P1 - P0 = (...
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How to prevent Elliptical Path Reorientation of SMAC Planner in Nav2 Ackermann Robot

Hi I am using ROS2 Iron and NavigateTroughPoses behavior to navigate over GPS waypoints. The global path planner configured is the SMAC Planner set for a Dubin motion model. I am encountering unwanted ...
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Does the Factored Quaternion Algorithm Account for Declination?

Looking at the documentation for the Factored Quaternion Algorithm (FQA). In section 2 they define NED as the traditional Earth's fixed coordinate system, thereby referring to 'true' north. However, ...
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Robot Localization pkg / Motion Model prediction step

As I was investigating the transition functions in the prediction step in the ROS Robot Localization pkg (ekf.cpp) . I found for the orientation equations there are as follows: Roll angle is the ...
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How to keep the orientation of end effector during movement in ROS Gazebo simulation

I am using Ubuntu 20.04, ROS NOETIC, Moveit to control a UR5 robotic arm in Gazebo simulation. I am trying to move a robot with a fixed orientation of its end-effector. The basic idea is to use the ...
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Analytical solution to inverse kinematics of 5 dof robot arm

the followings are the equations I worked out for the inverse kinematics of a 5 dofs robotic arm. First of all, the kinematic diagram: For the joint angles $q_{2}, q_{3}$ and $q_{4}$ I resorted to ...
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C program to find the rotation matrix (orientation) of a 6DOF robot from its end effector position and link parameters

I'm writing a C program to find the inverse kinematics of a 6DOF robot. I've been able to write it successfully based on the general concept of Inverse Kinematics using DH parameters (i.e. finding the ...
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Finding orientation of object in 3D space

Given the above constellation, I have to find the orientation of object B in the coordinate system of Object C. The objects A and B are fixed to a certain place and the object C can move in freely in ...
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