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Odometry is the use of data from moving sensors to estimate change in position over time.

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How to choose a good IMU for a wheeled robot?

At our lab, we have a several "Kurt" type robots (about the size of a Pioneer, six wheels, differential drive). The built-in gyroscopes are by now really outdated; the main problem is that the ...
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What are good methods for tuning the process noise on Kalman filters?

Most often tuning the Kalman filter noise matrices is done by trial and error or domain knowledge. Are there more principled ways for tuning all the Kalman filter parameters?
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How do monocular visual odometry algorithms work? [closed]

What is the core principle of a monocular visual odometry algorithm? I mean, after calibrating a single camera (undistortion etc.) images are fed into an algorithm - what exactly does this algorithm ...
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Calculate covariance matrix from x,y,z data

In ROS I've recorded a bag file from a custom robot (in real world) that does not provide covariance matrix and I want to use /odom to feed an EKF, but covariance ...
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Tf frame origin is offset from the actual base_link

I have built my differential drive mobile robot in solidworks and converted that to URDF file using soliworks2urdf converter. I successfully launched and robot and simulated with tele-operation node. ...
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State prediction of vehicle with Ackermann steering geometry using Kalman-Filter

I am trying to have a Kalman-Filter (or Extended-KF) give me positions for a small remotely controlled vehicle with an Ackermann steering geometry (moving on a plane surface). The control commands I ...
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Wheel odometry simulation using ground truth

I'm tracking the state of a robot $X=(x,y,\theta)$ where $x$ and $y$ are the ground coordinates and $\theta$ the heading angle. I have the ground truth states $X_{gt}=(x_{gt},y_{gt},\theta_{gt})$. I ...
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How to implement a four Mecanum wheel robot kinematic model practically in code? [closed]

Above is the kinematic model of a four wheeled robot from Omnidirectional Mobile Robot – Design and Implementation. My question is how to use these kinematic equations while coding on a micro ...
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Full 3D Pose (Scale, Rotation and Translation) Estimation using Gyro and Acceleromter sensors fusion

I am implementing a 3D pose estimation algoriothm on mobile device (Android) which has Gyro, Accelerometer and Magnetometer sensors. I have already develeoped a Visual SLAM algoirthm to estimate full ...
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