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Unwanted or modified signals detracting from some form of reception or perception.

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Converting IMU random walk, bias instability to stddev, bias stddev, etc

I am trying to create an accurate IMU model in Gazebo based off of a real IMU that I am using. The Gyro specs are: Bias instability: 3.5 degrees/hr Angular random walk: 0.1 degrees/sqrt(hr) The ...
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Heading drift on Beaglebone Blue on small AUV due to power cables (I think)

At my work we use the BeagleBone Blue boards to control somewhat small AUVs. The board is placed in underwater tubes along with batteries, ESCs for thrusters and all other electronics. We use the in-...
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Unwanted "noise" using the sensor plugin

When trying to use the library for a F/T-sensor plugin there is a strange repeating pattern of "noise" on the topic when the robot is just being gravity ...
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Seeed studio Grove IMU 9DOF gyro reading denoising

Using this IMU (, I am having an issue with the gyro readings. Seems like the reading comes with lots of noise. Could anyone help me to ...
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Simulating sensor readings based on an existing Alan Variance Analysis

My goal is to model an accelerometer and a gyroscope based on real hardware. I understand deterministic errors like bias and scaling but the different types of non-deterministic errors are difficult. ...
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