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Questions tagged [multi-agent]

A multi-agent system (M.A.S.) is a computerized system composed of multiple interacting intelligent agents within an environment.

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How to run two functions in parallel in python ROS2

I am creating a simulation with two robots(using ROS2 Iron and on gazebo) who will play Capture the Flag game. I have a python API that sends them navigation tasks, however, the navigation tasks don't ...
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Webots: Increase Calculation Speed On Supercomputer

I am using a supercomputer (MSI, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute) to run my Webots simulations. However, on my own laptop (MacOS) the amount of time necessary to calculations is much shorter. I was ...
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Simulating robotic swarm

I am playing around with swarm robotics and trying to figure out a way to simulate it. Here is my dilemma: I am trying to simulate thousands of agents that will asynchronously communicate with local ...
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Consensus Algorithm converges then diverges again

I am trying to implement a consensus algorithm to command a swarm of 50 robots. The robots 'communication is modeled by a complete undirected graph. when simulating the process I noticed that the ...
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Solving a grid maze with blocked paths

I have to build two robots (virtual) that will solve a grid maze that has blocked paths colored in red. The robots cannot go on these red paths in any case. There are several white patches in some ...
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multirobot_map_merge package not working properly

I am trying to map a Gazebo environment using 2 husky bots using the multirobot_map_merge package. However, the merged map being produced is wrong and the robots are not being localized correctly ...
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Tried to advertise a service that is already advertised in this node [/leo/controller_manager/list_controllers]

I'm trying to do a multi agent simulation using leo_rover which is open source. I'm comfortable with single system, but when I add a second robot using namespaces i get the second robot spawned in the ...
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What is the definition of the phrase "ego robot"?

What does the phrase "ego robot" mean? I see it used in the context of multi robot systems like in the paper Game Theoretic Motion Planning for Multi-robot Racing by Zijian Wang, Riccardo Spica & ...
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Interference caused by multiple robots during task completion

Suppose there is an area to survey. If we deploy one robot it takes time T to sweep the area. Now if we deploy 2 robots, we would expect it to take time T/2. However in reality, because we are sending ...
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Multi-agent vs multi-robot systems

I'm building a multi-agent system, and I heard about multi-robot systems. Can anyone explain the differences between multi-agent and multi-robot systems, and when to use one or the other?
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Quicktron company - Mobile robots (Equivalent of Kiva Systems?) [closed]

Since some months on many websites, I read and I have seen images of the Alibaba (the Chinese e-commerce giant) warehouses. One example is the following article:
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Open-source software that supports multi robot simulation and navigation capabilities [closed]

I am interested in knowing a software platform which deals with multi-robot navigation and:- has implemented local collision avoidance algorithms for each robot to prevent collisions between ...
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Software for mission planning in multi-robot systems

I am interested in mission planning for multi-robot systems. Given multiple robots and multiple tasks and an environment, I need to specify missions and software should plan for the robot team to ...
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Understanding and implementing belief space planning

I am currently working on state estimation/navigation for a system with multiple robots. As of now, what I have is each robot localizing itself with a Kalman filter, given vision based measurements. ...
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In vision based localization, is it possible to make multiple vehicles cooperate to improve the estimation of each other?

I am currently working on a project that involves structure from motion using multiple cameras on multiple aerial vehicles (each vehicle has a monocular camera: think of it as a distributed stereo), ...
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Seminal work in multi-robot task decomposition [closed]

Multi-Robot task decomposition implies that there is a mission that needs multiple mobile robots like guarding the president's car with a team of drones. This high-level layman interpretation of the ...
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Formationing Algorithm for Multiple Robots

I'm looking for an algorithm for formationing multiple robots in 2D simulation. Can you suggest resources about this topic. Also I need suggestions and comments about these topics: Can I recruit ...
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What is the difference between Multiple robots and swarm robots?

What is the difference between Multiple robots and swarm robots? What is the key point? Also what is multi agent systems? Do multi agent systems works only for computer simulations or games? These ...
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optimal number of robots for cooperative surveillance

Suppose we need to detect the occurrence of a special event in a large area(e.g. a city). If we need that each point being visited every h hours, how could we find the optimal number of robots for ...
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Recursive Tree Representation for Multi Agent Robots?

I have been going through a code base for multi agent motion planning. And I came across a recursive tree building algorithm for the agents. I haven't been able to figure out the algorithm. Does ...
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Are there working instances of Kilobot projects?

The interesting Kilobot project from Harvard for investigating multi-robot behavior with masses of small dumb robots has been made open hardware for a year now. However I cannot find so much ...
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Collaborative Behavior: Implementing a Bucket Brigade With Robot Arms

I was wondering whether something like this is possible: A block of ice(say) needs to be transferred piece by piece from a source to a destination with the help of 5 robots standing in a straight line ...
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Spatial tracking between two UAVs

I have two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (planes) which work well. They can fly to various waypoints automatically using GPS. Now I would like them to fly together in formation. I would like them to fly ...
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