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Questions tagged [mujoco]

MuJoCo stands for Multi-Joint dynamics with Contact. It is a general purpose physics engine that aims to facilitate research and development in robotics, biomechanics, graphics and animation, machine learning, and other areas that demand fast and accurate simulation of articulated structures interacting with their environment.

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0 answers

closed, toroidal-link--chain explosion in MuJoCo

I'm a student and I'm trying to use MuJoCo for my personal projects. (currently simulating a resisted-motion system that involves roller-chain transmissions). At the moment I'm looking for some help ...
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How to model the Cable composites in Mujoco Physics Simulation engine

How to name the cable composite in mujoco, also how to add equality constraint to the end of the cable with another body ?
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What are the gain and bias parameters used to control actuators?

When I read the Mujoco official document, the following paragraph raises my confusion: Different settings of the gain and bias parameters can be used to model direct force control as well as position ...
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Configuration is inaccurate with more Mujoco mj_steps

I tried to construct a simulation env following fetch_pick_and_place. I noticed that the following code is used to initialize the env: ...
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