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Is it acceptable to convert the optimized control input state (acceleration) from my Model Predictive Controller to position

Good day, I hope you are well. I currently have an MPC position controller that optimizes a set of control input accelerations given a trajectory. u = [Ux_dot_dot Uy_dot_dot, Uz_dot_odt] However what ...
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Mobile Manipulator: Is it possible to use the output state of an MPC position controller instead of the optimized control inputs (acceleration)?

Good day, I hope you are all well :) It's been 7 years since I've last been here haha. I am currently trying to implement this paper: Their mobile manipulator ...
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ACADO Toolkit MPC based robot controller weird behaviour around obstacles

I have been strugling with this issue for a long time now, any help would be appreciated. So, I have a robot simulation running in Gazebo. I have implemented a robot controller that follows a direct ...
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Designing Equality Constraints for an MPC Controller

I'm trying to implement a MPC controller for a quadruple tank process as shown below. My system has the following constraints: The voltages applied to the two pumps are non-negative and cannot be ...
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