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How to check if arm_controller is up and running or not?

I have a Gazebo simulation running with a spawned robot. I also have initialized two trajectory-based controllers using JointEffortInterface for Gazebo-ROS plugin - ...
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In which specific scenarios does MoveIt initialize a separate node with the name `\move_group_commander_wrappers_...`?

I am trying to use MoveIt Python interface to send commands to my robot simulated in Gazebo Environment. In scenario 1, when I launch the gazebo world (using launch file) and spawn my robot, the ...
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2 answers

Mujoco and MoveIt!

I want to implement deep reinforcement learning using a UR5 robot. A little research told me nowadays researchers are using openAI gym, Mujoco, rllab as their frameworks. The thing is, I want to train ...
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ABORTED: Solution found but controller failed during execution

I've been facing the issue while testing the python code for the trajectory planning task. I've been using the official package of the open_manipulator (