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Questions tagged [motion]

the action or process of moving or of changing place or position

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16 votes
2 answers

Calculate position of differential drive robot

How do you calculate or update the position of a differential drive robot with incremental sensors? There is one incremental sensor attatched to each of the two differential wheels. Both sensors ...
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2 answers

Instantaneous Center of Rotation for a differential Drive Robot

I want to find the instantaneous center of rotation of a differential drive robot. Assuming I know that the robot will travel with a particular linear and angular velocity $(v,w)$ I can use the ...
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1 answer

Velocity Model Motion in Matlab (Probabilistic Robotics)

I want to implement the velocity motion model in Matlab. According to Probabilistic Robotics page 124, the model is as following \begin{align*} \hat{v} &= v + sample(\alpha_{1} v^{2} + \...
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SEIF ,online version of Graph slam create doubt in Motion Update state

I have a thesis work about Graph Slam The GraphSLAM Algorithm with Applications to Large-Scale Mapping of Urban Structures I try to implement it with the help of this paper but during the ...
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2 answers

Motion planning and robot controlling

I am stuck with understanding how can I make my robot move along planned path. For instance, if we have a grid map of an environment and applied, for example, A* to plan a path then after that we have ...
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What do we call a coupling with infinite range of rotation

In most situations, range of motion is limited by the fact that we need to carry power or information past a joint. So, past a certain point there are either cables in the way, or the cables would ...
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Dynamical footprint in Nav2

I'm employing the Smac Hybrid-A* Planner along with the Model Predictive Path Integral Controller for point-to-point navigation of an wheel-loader/LHD vehicle. The challenge is that there's a central ...
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