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A small computer on a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals.

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How to determine the required CPU speed for a micro-controller with a 2-phase encoder attached to interrupts?

I am building a high-torque steering servo. I am trying to use the Adafruit Feather M0, which has a CPU speed of 48MHz, to monitor a 2-phase encoder that has 2400 pulses per rotation. I have attached ...
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Technique to increase POV resolution

I have thought of a technique to increase the resolution of a POV (persistence of vision) display. In an usual POV display, the LEDs are arranged in a strip and spun in a circle. There are two ...
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Microcontroller for running Linux RTAI

I'm a beginner in Robotics. I'd like to ask what are the minimum/recommended specs for a microcontroller to run a real-time system such as Linux RTAI? What is the popular microcontroller for ...
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SPP Bluetooth profile compatibility with phone

I'm building a project that uses a cell phone to control a microcontroller via Bluetooth. I've decided to use the HC-05 Bluetooth module. HC-05 Manual:
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Pi Pico - HC05 AT commands don't work

I am trying to set up a Bluetooth communication between two pi pico devices using HC05s. I am trying to make the two HC05s connect and I read that you need to set up Master/Slave configurations using ...
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Jetson tx2 to Teensy 3.6 Serial communication issue

I am trying to establish serial communication between Nvidia Jetson Tx2 and Teensy 3.6. Using pyserial, while reading the data sent from Teensy 3.6 on Rx pin on the Jetson, I come to an error that ...
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Find viscous friction for DC motor transfer function

How do I find the viscous friction for my DC motor without measuring the input current and output torque. I have to do a theoretical model on simulink and can't find any answers on how to find it
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PX4 Communication

Does anyone here know PX4 software? I'm using Eclipse to program it and I want to Open a new UART door and write on this, I'm doing the following commands... ...
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Motor controller for two Hitec D845WP servos

I am undertaking a project using two Hitec D845WP servos running at 8.4 V. Hitec's website lists idle current of 30 mA, no load operating of 1600 mA, stall current of 10 A and ...
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