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Questions tagged [mcap]

Use this tag for issues related to the MCAP file format, commonly used for logging robotics data.

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1 answer

Convert MCAP to ROS

I have an MCAP file, which I want to convert to ROS (or other storage formats). I couldn't find any documentation online. Is there any github project available. Any help is appreciated.
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0 answers

ros2 zstd compression - why is file ending not aligned to library default

When compressing rosbags (ros2) with the zstandard library, why is the file ending '.zstd' instead of '.zst'? The latter seems to be the default one for the zstandard library and is therefore ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to read a mcap file and publish message using cpp and ros2(foxy)?

As known, we can record a mcap in ros2. Now I'm trying to read messages in this mcap file and then publish it with rclcpp interfaces. There are some examples and demos in the mcap source code, but ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Convert ROS2 SQLite bag to MCAP format

I've got some ROS2 bags in SQLite format that I'd like to convert to MCAP format, but I cannot find any examples or tools that do it. I'd have hoped there would be an obvious option for ...
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What is the best way to checkpoint node parameters for rosbag MCAP format?

I am logging data in MCAP format using ros2 bag record -s mcap --all which saves a .mcap file with all my logged data as well as ...
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2 answers

Render H.264 Video of Robot

How do I render h264 video data in Foxglove Studio?. My data is recorded as a separate file alongside an MCAP file. Ideally I'd like to be able to open my MCAP file and then attach my video and have ...
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