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Questions tagged [matrix]

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Inverse Kinematics, indicate if multiple soltuions exist using a matrix

I'm trying to practice inverse kinematics and I'm having a really tough time understanding how you can indicate if multiple solutions exist just using a matrix. I also don't know how I would indicate ...
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Aligning accelerometer readings with vehicle's frame of reference

I have a device with an accelerometer installed in a vehicle. Its orientation in relation to the vehicle is unknown. So I am looking for a reliable way to align the coordinate system of the ...
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Finding 6 angles for UR5 a 6Dof Robot

I am looking for a method to find 6 rotation angles for the 6DOF, 6joint, 5 link UR5 robot. these angles would be used to control UR5 through ROS but unfortunately I cant find any way to find these ...
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IK Jacobian is always a singular matrix

I am trying to solve an inverse kinematics equation for 6DOF system, 3 rotation and 3 prismatic joints. I am trying to solve using perturbation method, by adjusting each joint and calculating the ...
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The modulus of each columns of the rotation matrix is

The modulus of each columns of the rotation matrix is 1, 0.5, 0.866 or 1.366 which one is correct?
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