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manipulator is a device used to manipulate materials without direct contact.

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Meaning of p(q) in the expression for minimum clearance from obstacle for redundant robotic manipulators

Can somebody who has studied Industrial manipulators or has worked on Industrial manipulators using Jacobian Inverse and Jacobian Pseudo inverse algorithm for Inverse Kinematics please explain what ...
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How to find workspace of parallel manipulator by monte carlo method?

I am working on a 3 DOF parallel manipulator, I was successful in solving the inverse kinematics and forward kinematics of my manipulator. But I am facing a problem in generating a workspace for it. I ...
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How to use artificial potential function in manipulator path planning?

The artificial potential method always takes robot as a point, if the manipulator is 6 degrees of freedom, how to use this method in path planning while six links can avoid the collision.
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Robotic Manipulator 3-RRP v2

I recently asked a question about a 3-RRP manipulator but the only answer didn't work for my robot. I would describe the manipulator as an arm that rotates around the shoulder over the x-y axis, the ...
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DH parameters of a PUMA-type manipulator

I'm struggling to find the DH parameters for this PUMA-type manipulator that yield the same results as the author (1): The way I'm checking if the parameters I have are correct is by comparing the ...
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Dynamics of a 3R planar robot manipulator,matrices M(q),C(q,q') and G(q)

The dynamics equation is T=M(q)*q''+C(q,q')*q'+G(q). Can somebody provide me with the M(q), C(q,q') and G(q) matrices of a 3R manipulator with link mass,length and rotational inertia m_i, l_i and ...
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