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manipulator is a device used to manipulate materials without direct contact.

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Dynamics of parallel manipulator

My task is to apply forces to control 3-dof parallel manipulator. Forces are applied to linear actuators, friction is neglected. End-effector of a robot is supposed to follow generated path; for ...
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Which is model is best for feedback control of robotic manipulators: MIMO or parallel SISO?

I'm currently designing a robotic arm with 6-DOF, and my goal is to be able to give setpoints for 3d position, velocity and orientation ($x,y,z,\dot{x},\dot{y},\dot{z},\theta,\alpha,\gamma$). I only ...
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How can I do tabletop manipulation with a 5DOF arm?

Hi, if i want to do my robotic arm to recognition an object using camera and get it there are missing steps for me like that Do i get the kinematics and inverse kinematics of my arm by Kinematic ...
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Moving Manipulator in Gazebo or Rviz

Hi, I'm relatively new to ROS, and I need to simulate a robotic arm to track velocities and avoid obstacles. I've written all the mathy algorithms down to find the inverse kinematics that make the ...
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Manipulator arm Gazebo

Hello. I want to simulate a manipulator arm on a mobile robot (URDF) in Gazebo. What package I must use? I saw that the arm_navigation package is used in RVIZ. Can I use this package in Gazebo? Could ...
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an example of a robotic arm in ROS

Hello, I have to do a small project in which I must simulate a robotic arm. I found ROS software very interesting and I would like to use it in order to complete my project. However, I spent a lot of ...

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