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manipulator is a device used to manipulate materials without direct contact.

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Robotic manipulator Jacobian by product of exponentials

I've taken a class and started a thesis on robotics and my reference for calculating the Jacobian by product of exponentials seems incorrect, see:
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Static equilibrium for 7 dof manipulator

I have a 7 dof manipulator (Kuka LBR4+) and would like to calculate the joint torques needed to keep the arm in a static equilibrium. In most books the transposed jacobian is used to map the forces ...
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Dynamic torque simulation for a 6 DOF robotic arm

I am working on a 6 DOF robotic arm(industrial manipulator). I have the basic structural specs (dimensions, weights etc) for the links and joints with me. Basically, I want to simulate both static ...
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Controlling the pose of a manipulator using inverse kinematics

I want to control a robotic manipulator in Cartesian space, using inverse kinematics. I know that I can do this using $\omega=J^{-1}v$, where $\omega$ is a vector of joint velocities, $J$ is the ...
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Implementing a torque-controlled method on a position-controlled robot

I am working with a position-controlled manipulator. However, I want to implement a torque-controlled method on this robot. Is there any way to convert a torque command to a position command? I try ...
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Proportional controller error doesn't approach zero

I'm reading this pdf. The dynamic equation of one arm is provided which is $$ l \ddot{\theta} + d \dot{\theta} + mgL sin(\theta) = \tau $$ where $\theta$ : joint variable. $\tau$ : joint torque ...
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Redundancy and Null space projection

I'm reading "Theory of Robot Control" by Carlos Canudas Wit, Bruno Siciliano, Georges Bastin. In Task space control chapter, exploiting the redundancy by means of null space as shown below ...
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3-RRP manipulator robot

I'm having some issues with a planar manipulator I have to deal with. The first two moves are rotational and the third one is a prismatic one. The shoulder and elbow move around the X-axis, while the ...
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Optimization of link lengths for 3R serial manipulator

I am trying to formulate an optimization problem for determining link lengths of 3R manipulator shown in picture below, Following are the constraints, Robot arm should be reachable at point x = 100, ...
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Dexterity calculation with dual quaternions

How can the manipulability of a robot arm be calculated when the kinematics are described with screw theory such as dual quaternions? These methods are sigularity-free, but what could we say about ...
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How to find the body jacobain, for each link in a robot manipulator?

The links twist could be obtained, and thus The spatial manipulator Jacobian could be done, but when it comes to the body Jacobian, it is becomes difficult. Moreover, the adjoint transformation ...
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Inverse Kinematics with Orientations

Let's say I have a robot consisting of a base $B$ and a manipulator $M$. The pose of the manipulator can be expressed as the transformation matrix $T_{BM}$. I also have a goal $G$ which I want to move ...
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