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Questions tagged [magnetometer]

A magnetometer is an instrument that measures magnetism—either magnetization of magnetic material like a ferromagnet, or the strength and, in some cases, direction of the magnetic field at a point in space

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6 votes
2 answers

Kalman Filter GPS + IMU

I know this probably has been asked a thousand times but I'm trying to integrate a GPS + Imu (which has a gyro, acc, and magnetometer) with an Extended kalman filter to get a better localization in my ...
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1 answer

How are units of noise measurement related to units of a sensor's data measurement?

I'm trying to understand how noise is represented for accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers so that I can match the requirements of my project with the standard specs of these sensors. I ...
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1 answer

Robot wire follower + how to position on wire

I'm designing my lawn mower robot, and I am in the perimeter stage. The electronic part is done, and works quite good, now comes the software. I need an advice on how to deal with the problem of ...
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Can a mu-metal enclosed compass measure the earth's field?

I am thinking about using a combination of mu-metal, a faraday cage, and spacial separation to reduce magnetic interference from a brushless motor on a compass sensor. The compass will be used to ...
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1 answer

Gyro yaw drift compensation

I'm looking for some kind of filter, algorithm which will allow me to compensate gyro yaw drift using heading of magnetometer. My project requires only yaw measurments and both sensors are flat. Is ...
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1 answer

How to transform raw accelerometer data into the Earth fixed frame to determine position

I have data from a TeleMega and do not understand how to apply the rotation matrix for the accelerometer data so that I can get the more accurate position estimate from my accelerometer. My data comes ...
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1 answer

Adding magnetic field vector to a Kalman filter

I currently have an error state Kalman filter with the state vector $(p, v, q, \omega, a, g)$ where $q$ is the quaternion orientation. I would like to add the information coming from a magnetometer to ...
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