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A lithium polymer battery, or more correctly lithium-ion polymer battery (abbreviated as LiPo, LIP, Li-poly, lithium-poly and others), is a rechargeable battery of lithium-ion technology using a polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid electrolyte.

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Alternative for a 18650 2200mAh 3.7V Li-on battery

I'm building my first robotic car (Elegoo Smartbot Car Kit) but I'm struggling with which batteries to buy. The kit itself doesn't seem to say too much other than they're 18650 LiPo batteries which I'...
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Connect LiPo battery to Arduino Motor Driver Shield for RC Boat

Thanks for taking the time reading this question! It is greatly appreciated. What are we doing We (two complete noobs) are building a remote controlled boat from scratch using Arduino compatible ...
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How should I power my servo motor with the Adafruit PCA9685 chip?

So I have an Adafruit pca9685 controlling an HSB-9380TH servo and a MG-996R servo. I recently began learning about building robot so I apologize if these questions seem dumb. I literally spent a days ...
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AUV Lipo Battery capacity

I'm making an AUV that requires 15-20 minutes of operating time. I'm using 6 of these motors (Blue Robotics T200 Thrusters) for propulsion; I'm looking for 6S lipo batteries (22.2V) but i don't know ...
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Battery damaged?

Could you please see the attached battery images and tell me if it is safe to continue using this battery or should I discard it?
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How can I charge a 11,1 volt LiPo akku?

I didn't found any modules to charge my 11,1 volt LiPo akku, only for 3,7 volt with 5 volt power supply. How can I handle that with a micro-USB connector on my robotplatform?
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How to decide the battery power for my robot

I need my motor to be powered with 12V, 5A for 1 hour continuously. How can i decide the Ah rate of the battery. Please suggest some lithium ion battery for the specification
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Are there any Lithium Ion battery monitors designed for hobbyists (quadcopters)?

I have a friend who is getting into quadcopters and being the good techie buddy, I'm trying to find the right technology for battery monitoring so his expensive machine does not fall out of the sky ...
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How do I if know my quad is powerful enough to take off vertically smoothly and how do I calculate max Thrust(g) for given current(A) and voltage(V)?

If I build my quadcopter with the following components, will it take off vertically smoothly? Frame: F450 glass fiber and polyamide nylon [280g] Landing Gear: High Landing Gear for F450 [90g] ...
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What charger to use with my ZIPPY Compact 6200mAh 4s 40c Lipo MultiRotor Battery [closed]

Hello I am trying to build a Quadcopter for a school project and I need to finish quick before our mission trip because I was asked to finish it before then so that I could take it. But I am having a ...
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Can i charge a lipo nano tech battery over imax b3 charger

Can i charge a lipo nano tech battery over imax b3 charger. 2650mah 35/70c 3s is the battery
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Are LiPo really 100 times more energy dense than model rockets?

Lately I've been interested in comparing the energy density of model rocket engines to lithium polymer batteries (attached to motors and propellers) for propelling things upwards. To get a feel for ...
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