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Does torque affect prismatic joints in a gantry robot? If so, how can we reduce this?

I was posed a question based on my project on a gantry robot, "Cancelling torques that affect the prismatic joints can help us choose components with a lower cost which increases the cost-...
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Did I buy the wrong SBR rails?

I have bought some SBR12 rails and bearing blocks in an attempt to make a fancy flattening jig for my router. I haven't been able to see 100 % everything that other people have done on the YouTubes ...
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Can we reduce pitch of a lead screw to reduce backlash of the lead screw?

In gear design, the backlash is introduced in the design itself (not by tolerances of manufacturing) to allow free meshing of the gears. The backlash in the design can be minimized by reducing the ...
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Sliding system basic question

I have a basic question. Imagine a plate, with a hole drilled in each corner. Imagine 4 shafts in these 4 holes,attached to another plate. Intuition tells me that it would take considerable effort ...
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CNC: Linear motion without timing belt or lead screw

Is it possible to build a CNC whose Linear motion system does not contain any timing belt(pulley) or lead screw(threaded rod). I was wondering whether I could directly control the Linear motion by ...
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Moving a small plate back and forth

I'm hoping to move a plate (3MM x 45MM) back and forth using a DC motor. Here's my idea so far: The motor drives a threaded shaft which is attached on one side of the plate. To help alignment, a rod ...
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Repairing non-lubricated linear actuator

I have a Chinese CNC mill (CNC3020T, though several different devices go under this name), and its Z axis was very imprecise, often being randomly off position by as much as 0.5mm. I've disassembled ...
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2 answers

looking for a circular track and bearing with a spindle

I've really tried to find something online that's suitable but what I'm after is I've two concentric circular rings, one of which has a diameter about 10mm smaller than the larger . The rings ...
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6 answers

How to convert vertical motion to horizontal?

I am interested in using this miniature motor Squiggle Micro Motor to create very tiny horizontal movements. However, due to very limited space, I can only place it vertically within my project. ...
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Problem with vibrations in air bearing

We have an air bearing for a planar xy motion. Today it consists of four pockets according to picture. In the current design there are no sealings around the peripheries of the pockets and we suspect ...
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What rail material is best used for linear bearings?

For the 3d printer RepRap Prusa there are several rails (smooth rods) that guide the printer head on the different axises. The printer head uses several linear bearings to glide along the rails. ...
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