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Rotation of a point in 3D space

I want to rotate a point (3,4,5) by an angle 45 degrees(0.785398 rad) in 3D space. I have used the standard DCM matrix in the order Rx, Ry and Rz. Where, theta = 0.785398, Rx= ( [ 1, 0, 0] [ 0, cos(...
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Holonomic Constraints

I'm currently reading the book "Principles of Robot Motion" by Choset and came across the following statement in Chapter 3 on Configuration Spaces, in a section where they discuss the ...
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How to identify simulink blocks contributing to unstable pole during linearization

I have a simulink model resulting in a state space model using linearization at a steady state condition. The resulting statespace model of order 135 shows an unstable pole contributed by a particular ...
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Help prove the following identity (Jacobian)

I have encountered the following identity expression. Can please someone elaborate and explain how this equation is manipulated?
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