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A line-following robot is typically a wheeled robot with light sensor(s) beneath it. The goal of the robot is to follow along a line with a distinct color or intensity, e.g. black on white background.

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it's worth to make a line follower using a raspberry pi and a web cam?

I wonder if this would be a competitive robot compared with one made with a traditional approach using a microcontroller and infrared sensors. I suppose that raspberry can perform an edge detection to ...
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Line follower robot program [closed]

I am working on a line follower robot as part of my Microelectronics project, and am confused over what sort of code to use to program the "pic18f" microcontroller I'm using. Can someone give me ...
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Line following robot with EV3 Colour Sensor

I am trying to build an advanced coloured lines following robot with the ability to differentiate between many different coloured lines and follow them. I am looking for the right sensor that will ...
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What is an effective distribution of grayscale sensors on robot

I'm working on a robotics project, and I am using grayscale sensors to automatically follow a black line: turning 90 degrees, going round in a circle, and passing through gaps in the lines etc. I was ...
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Line Follower optimization

I'm working on building a line follower robot and want to optimize its performance. It was suggested that I use a PID algorithm. I read a lot about PID but am confused a bit regarding following: I've ...
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Maze Solving Algorithm For Mazes With Loops

I am trying to implement a line following robot that can solve mazes similar to the Pololu robots you can watch on youtube. My problem is the maze that I am trying to solve is looped and therefore ...
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11 votes
5 answers

How to make an "invisible line following robot"?

I would like to build a robot which follows a virtual path (Not a visible path like a 'black line on a white surface', etc). I'm just enthusiastic by seeing some sci-fi videos which show robots carry ...
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Programming a line following robot with reinforcement learning

I am considering programming a line following robot using reinforcement learning algorithms. The question I am pondering over is how can I get the algorithm to learn navigating through any arbitrary ...
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