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A line-following robot is typically a wheeled robot with light sensor(s) beneath it. The goal of the robot is to follow along a line with a distinct color or intensity, e.g. black on white background.

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Implementing PID on a line following bot using turtlebot

I am using ROS melodic,turtlebot 2 on Ubuntu 18.04. The idea is to create an environment consisting of lines as a path (slightly curved), and to program the turtlebot to follow the lines. Basically, a ...
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Determining Orientation of a Robot Relative to a Line on Table

I am currently busy with a robot that needs to obtain it's orientation relative to a line seen by a camera. At the moment, I am using Hough lines to obtain a gradient for the line, but the gradient ...
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Maze wall hugging both clockwise and anti-clockwise

So I did the algorithm for the vehicle to go in a clockwise direction(Refer to my pseudocodes below). But now that my school had said there will be an anti-clockwise direction as well, I'm not sure ...
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Detecting and counting the number of junctions

So I am making a robot which is to follow a line. The field has both +(junctions) as well(by the intersection of two lights). I am yet to figure out what exactly is the best way to track the number of ...
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issues with LSA-08 line sensor for line tracing

I am using LSA-08 self calibrating sensor for line following purpose. But the problem with my sensor is it can't distinguish between faint blue color and white color (having RGB values 185, 217, 235). ...
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Line Following Acute and Right angles and Proportional steering help

I am trying to figure out the logic for a line follower with the path shown in the attached image. I am having trouble with <= 90 degree angle turns. So far, I have been using the logic where if ...
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Effects of distance between wheels on differential line following robots

I have been working on a line following robot for a line tracing competition. It has 7 IR sensors for line detection and the robot size is limited based on the competition rules. The robot structure ...
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PID vs Fuzzy line follower

I am making a line follower to follow a white line (approx 1.7 cmm wide) on a black track. I am using an array of 5 TCRT5000 (IR led+phototransistor) to detect the line. I was previously working with ...
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