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Lidar (also written LIDAR, LiDAR or LADAR) is a surveying technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser light. Lidar exists as an acronym of Light Detection And Ranging.

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Are there any advantages to using a LIDAR for SLAM vs a standard RGB camera?

I've been thinking about building a small UAV with an onboard LIDAR, just for fun. I'm interested in SLAM and autonomous flight indoors and thought that I would need a lidar to get a 3D map of the ...
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LIDAR solutions [closed]

I am surprised by the price range of Lidar applications considering the simplicity of the design. I try to make a simple project that requires lidar for object recognitions etc. I wouldn't like to use ...
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What different sensing approaches are used in the current batch of indoor 3D cameras?

I'm aware of the PrimeSense camera powering the Kinect. Are more advanced sensor types available now in the < $500 range? For example, has there been any sort of game-changer in structured light ...
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Is there regulation of LiDAR in the public space?

Are there any regulations (in the US or the EU), plans to regulate or initiatives that think about the "pollution" with or amounts of laser emission in urban spaces in general and the impact ...
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Lookup would require extrapolation into the future on the same machine

I get this error when trying to view my RPLidar A2 scan in rviz2. It’s on a differential drive robot controlled using arduino using Articulated Robotics’ code that I quickly ported to Humble, ...
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Gazebo Garden - How to get colliding entities with gpu_lidar sensor (ray)

Good morning, I open this question as I have not found a way to get the model_entity that collides with the gpu_lidar sensor. I ...
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