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Identifying Gazebo objects with a GpuRaySensor

I want to identify objects within a laser scan provided by Gazebo with the aim of obtaining point-wise ground truth data. Using the gazebo::sensors::RaySensor, I ...
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How to publish three ultrasonic located at 90 degrees in sensors data into sensor_msgs::LaserScan

How can I make the data consistently located at 90 degrees to each other + one degree step in RVIZ? My task is to organize ultrasonic SLAM and for this I took three sensors located at 90 degrees and ...
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Knowing whether the robot is delocalised or not by observing relevant data

The way that we know if a robot is delocalised is by opening RViz and observing the laser's scan data with respect to the static map on the ...
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Amigobot AMCL does not work when namespace is used, no laser scan is recieved

I am using the amigobot and the rosaria library to communicate with the robot. Typically, I lauch the rosaria, publush_tf, and rplidar node and on my computer the amcl_diff_corrected and the ...
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Unable to localize multi robot due to amcl not receiving scan data

Hello guys i am working on multi robot. All works well. I am able to get topics for different robot for their namespaces . I am also able to echo the scan topics , provide the map by the map-server ...
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