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Arduino robotic arm kit

I want to buy a cheap robot arm for control it with an Arduino. Do you know of a kit that has a good value for money? I don't care about the degrees of freedom it has (4, 5 or 6), and above all I'm ...
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Best kit for prototyping/testing driving/vision algorithms

I'm wondering what's the best vehicle kit for testing control/navigation algorithms. I want something with some degree of hardware abstraction (in the sense of not having to write too much i/o, ...
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Any way to program a robot remotely?

So Udacity, Kuka and KIT are/were offering a Kuka challenge. Basically, the participants got to write code and run it remotely on a Kuka robot based in the KIT labs in Germany and submit their code ...
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Robot structure kit or materials

I have an arduino, wires, resistors, all of that good stuff. However, I don't have materials to build the structure of the robot. What do you guys recommend? I don't have a place to solder yet so I ...
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Robot kit suggestions [closed]

I want to develop a toy project that will allow me to move object around the house. Because I am interested in the programming of the robot and not actually build it, I would like to use some sort of ...
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Choosing a platform to start [closed]

I'd like to start with robotics, but unfortunately I know very little about HW engineering. Moreover I used to use such languages as Python, C# and Java, and do not have much experience in C. Still I ...
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Pros/Cons of common robotics "kits" at the high school level [duplicate]

I am interested in starting a robotics club at my high school next year, since we don't have one, and I want to know what the pros/cons are of common kits. I already have a Vex kit since my uncle is ...
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How does the Makeblock threaded slot work?

I've been looking into a Makeblock robotics kit but have found no information on the web that comes from end-users, and one of the main advertised features is not clear to me: The slot threads shown ...
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Humble beginnings [closed]

I want to learn robotics and build my first robot. I am looking for a well supported kit that is simple enough and can walk me through, the initial stages of my intellectual pursuit in Robotics. I ...
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What UAV kit(s) would be suitable for a beginner roboticist with programming experience? [closed]

I'm really new to robotics, however I am a programmer familiar with several different languages. I don't have a ton of money to spend and I was wondering what is a really good starter kit. My ...
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