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What geared mechanisms can convert various weak stepper motors drive inputs into a higher torque output?

I'm interested in making an arduino robotic arm for something that need precision and/or torque (like CNC), but first, I'm exploring/searching what I would need and how much it would cost. What I ...
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Sensors, ports, pins, drivers and firmware by example

I am looking to just make sure I correctly understand the fundamentals for how robotic systems typically receive and process inputs from sensors. It is my understanding that a sensor peripheral, such ...
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Kalman Filter with multiple inputs

Let's say I have one laser scanner and a radar device, which I should use to measure a distance to a wall (Fig. 1). Both devices are place on the same support, so... they should measure the same ...
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Proper Joystick Inputs for UAV Quadrotor Control

I am working on the adaptive control of quadrotor UAV in MATLAB/Simulink environment. I prepared some trajectories for the UAV to follow in $x$, $y$ and $z$ directions. I would like to implement these ...
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Flysky I6 transmitter not responsive on betaflightl

I am building a fpv quadcopter and I encountered the following problem: I soldered all points correctly into their allocated pads and ensured there were no shorts. I use a racerstarf4s flight ...
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How to apply A bang-bang signal of amplitude 1 N and 1 s width as an input force to reproduce certain results in Matlab?

I working on dynamic modeling and simulation of a mechanical system (overhead crane), after I obtained the equation of motion, in the form: $$ M(q)\ddot{q}+C(q,\dot{q})\dot{q}+G(q)=Q $$ All the ...
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Connecting More Than Six Analog Input Pins to arduino

I'm in the planning stages for a project using the Arduino Uno to control 8 distance sensors, and have run into a little road block, the Uno only has six input pins. So I'm wondering, is there any way ...
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I'd like to use gesture based input for my robot. What are the pros and cons between the Xtion Live and the Kinect?

As in the title, I'd like to implement gesture recognition on my robot and I'm looking for the pros and cons between the Kinect and the Xtion - and also if there are any other sensible options ...
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