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Differentiating correspondences in ICP objective function?

The Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm usually alternates between two steps: Point correspondence finding Nonlinear least squares optimization of ICP objective function given those ...
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Turtlebot3 2D LIDAR pose estimation

I am trying to implement point to point ICP using a Turtlebot3 as part of a state estimation stack. Here are the sensor specs: Currently ...
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ICP results as command in odometry motion model

im going through the odometry motion model proposed by Thurn in Probabilistic Robotics famous book and i have some questions concerning the kind of command that we can use. I will explain more my ...
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3D points registration with given pairs

I have pairs of matched 3D points (10~50 points) with outliers included. I would like to find the transformation that aligns the source points to the destination points. To prevent reinventing the ...
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