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Human-Robot Interaction

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Why was the Shadow robot hand been utilized for teleoperation?

With a deep neural network it's possible to convert a camera signal into the movement trajectory of a dexterous robotics hand.[1] In contrast to previous attempts in teleoperation, which are working ...
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How to eliminate motion blur with realtime performance

I have a robotic system to develop, in first phase of the project I need to track an object. So I placed a geometrical marker on the object to estimate it's pose (rotation, translation). It all works ...
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Which Trajectory representation for optimization

I'm strugling on that problem for a while, so any help is welcome. I need a trajectory representation that is performant for optimization, i.e. I want something that computes quickly. The function I ...
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In HRI, how is the "uncanny valley" experienced by people on the autism spectrum?

I'm familiar with the idea of the uncanny valley theory in human-robot interaction, where robots with almost human appearance are perceived as creepy. I also know that there have been research studies ...
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Can I use IMUs to improve the position/posture measurement of fingers in a "data glove"?

I have been using the Cyberglove to control a humanoid robot hand, but found it disappointing as it doesn't measure the posture of the human hand very accurately. I have been wondering about the ...
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