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Making an automated chessboard

I want to create an automated chessboard. At the moment, I'm making the project and deciding what technology to use to detect which piece is at what position and how to move them. I'm not so skilled ...
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Calculate ticks with three encoders?

I have a question regarding calculating the ticks in a sensored BLDC. The BLDC has three hall effect sensors with slightly differing phasing and there are 30 magnets in 360 degrees of wheel rotation. ...
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Accuracy of hall sensor encoders on Raspberry Pi

I have 2 motors (JGA25-370) with hall-sensor encodes. They emit about 90-100 interrupts every 100ms, so 1000 a second. Which means I have an interrupt happening every 1ms. The motors are driven by ...
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Probably basic question about how control a DC motor

over the past weeks I was trying to figure out how use the information from hall sensor to control a DC motor. Basically this is the motor which I'm using:
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Using hall sensors to calculate position

I have a geared DC motor with hall speed sensors. I want to count signals from the sensor to get position of the motor. Hall sensor has resolution of 12 CPR. Gear ratio is 1:810, which means that I ...
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augmenting room magnetic field for smartphone sensors [closed]

is it possible to enhance (or redirect) the earth's magnetic field in a room or house so that one can write a small program that makes smartphones with hall-effect sensors detect more reliably in ...
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Simple yet effective angular position sensor to be used in robotic hand

What is the best yet simple to use angular position sensor? I am building a robotic hand and I want to implement this sensor at the joints of the fingers. I don't need a module, just an analogue ...
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Can I reuse the hall sensors in a brushless motor as an encoder?

I have upgraded the motors in my robotic arm to sensored, brushless RC car motors. The hope was to reuse the Hall sensors to double as a rotary encoder, by tapping 2 Hall sensors and treating the 2 ...
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What BLDC servo drive takes sinusoidal hall sensor signals?

I am looking for a servo drive to control a brushless DC motor, with at least 10A, 30V rating. However, I want to know if any exist which take sinusoidal hall sensor signals directly. I already know ...
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