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Questions tagged [gz-ros2-control]

Questions related to the gz_ros2_control package for gazebo (ign_ros2_control up to humble) from ros2_control framework for ROS 2

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1 answer

Issue regarding uploading/spawing multiple controller for two robot in sign_sim/gz_sim?

I have been trying to load the two controller for two robot, But failed for loading /robot1/controllermanager ...
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Is it possible to use ros2_control with Gazebo Harmonic and Humble

The question is in the title. I think gz_ros2_control has to be build from source. But there are no vendor package for Humble. How can the be created? Thanks Michael
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Failed to load the ign_ros2_control-system, but I have the plugin installed and verified by locate command

I am trying to load my robot model into gazebo with controllers. However, this specific plugin cannot be found. Gazebo Fortress starts up fine and my robot model spawns too. Does anyone know the ...
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controller_manager not available on ROS2 Humble [duplicate]

I'm trying to use the controller_manager with ROS2 Humble and Ubuntu 22.04 on a Raspberry Pi 4B. However, it keeps saying that the controller_manager isn't available, even though I've installed all ...
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ROS2 velocity_controllers/JointGroupVelocityController

I want to control the motors of a 2 wheel drive utilizing the afore mentioned package. The file successfully loaded the joint_state_broadcaster, but the velocity_controller always ...
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Failing to load plugin in Gazebo Fortress

Ros Humble/Ignition Fortress/Ubuntu 22.04 Hey Ya'll, I'm attempting to load a UR10e into Gazebo Fortress so I can control it with Moveit, and I'm running into an issue. To start, I modified the ...
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ROS2 Controllers Activation Issues

Problem: I have set up controllers for my robot, but the controllers remain inactive after configuration and die shortly afterwards when loaded, then exits with the "process has died" error. ...
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