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High frequency robot-localization output when fusing GNSS + IMU

I'm in the process of tuning a robot-localization package parameters in my sensor-fusion ROS2 package. I have a dataset from various sensors mounted on a vehicle (IMU, GNSS, Lidar, Rgb Cameras, Radar, ...
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Convert ECEF Velocity to NED Velocity

My GNSS modules gives me one NMEA packet with ECEF velocity. My doubt is about how i convert these 3 vectors to NED frame. Can i use the conventional matrix rotation MathWorksRef. If yes, i use the ...
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Nav_sat_transfor_node dual-EKF causes serious jumping in map frame

I have a differential robot with poor grip as you can see in the picture below, with the following devices: -Motor controller - 100Hz, encoder and publishing in my topic /diff_cont/odom (frame id: ...
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How to transform given latitude and longitude data to map frame

I am working with a multi sensor RTK-GNSS for localization of my robot. This is the data I am getting from the GNSS system. How to relate this data to my robot map frame for navigation?
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