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Arrangement of toothed wheels (gears) to transmit motion and power

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What geared mechanisms can convert various weak stepper motors drive inputs into a higher torque output?

I'm interested in making an arduino robotic arm for something that need precision and/or torque (like CNC), but first, I'm exploring/searching what I would need and how much it would cost. What I ...
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How to calculate operating torque and holding torque of a slew drive for a manipulator arm?

Hope you are doing good and enjoying your weekend. I have a question regarding calculation of torque and tilting moment for a slew drive. Slew drive (motorised) will be used at the base of a ...
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Rack and Pinion Gear for CNC

I am trying to build a small 3D printed CNC machine but can't afford lead screws as of now. I need to 3D print a lead screw or use a rack and pinion gear system. I am a little skeptical able the rack ...
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Can we reduce pitch of a lead screw to reduce backlash of the lead screw?

In gear design, the backlash is introduced in the design itself (not by tolerances of manufacturing) to allow free meshing of the gears. The backlash in the design can be minimized by reducing the ...
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How to make small quantities of gears

For a hobby project, I'm designing a clock with a single hand that makes one revolution per year. Using really helpful sites like, I have the gear ratios and dimensions ...
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